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The Cost of Caring: Why Quality Childcare Isn't Cheap

The Cost of Caring: Why Quality Childcare Isn't Cheap

In the world of childcare, everyone wants the best for their little ones, right? Sometimes, however, the idea of professional care gets lost among louder voices championing options that - but despite what you may have been told, or spent any length of time praying/meditating/blogging about, childcare isn't and shouldn't be cheap!

We long for a world where the childcare industry unites and, like us, proudly advocates for affordable care. Where nannies and other childcare workers receive an equitable salary and benefits in exchange for their labour (you know, like all other employees want and expect to), and families feel supported by their employers and governments to make those childcare arrangements successful and sustainable. Do you think it's too much to ask for?

childcare isn't and shouldn't be cheap!

Sadly, the concept of cheap childcare is ever-popular and continues to confuse the industry across the board. Families misguidedly expect childcare to cost the same amount hourly as their daily travel card - it doesn't. New childcare practitioners have no idea of their true value, so they're undercutting themselves and skewing the costs of other professionals on job-posting platforms - they shouldn't. Worse yet, supposed industry leaders are lining their pockets with earnings from unsuspecting families who believe the spiel that unskilled and inexperienced students are somehow the future cheap workforce that's going to nurture, develop and enrich the lives of the next generation - * sighs in safeguarding * 😮‍💨 This nonsense has to stop.

Now, a quick Google search will tell you that it's not looking good for UK families seeking nursery and childminder spaces aaand the reality is that in our densely populated, multicultural and economically diverse nation, the loving bank of retired grandparents who happily give up mornings & afternoons for school pick-ups is more often than not a train, plane or boat ride away! But who are we kidding - is anyone even allowed to retire these days? * commutes in cryogenic *

New childcare practitioners have no idea of their true value, so they're undercutting themselves and skewing the costs of other professionals

Why don't we take this opportunity to reset some opinions and share some thoughts and feelings surrounding affordable childcare in 2024:

  1. The current cost of childcare is a societal issue, not just a parent or childcarer issue and we should all care about improving conditions for families and childcare practitioners

  2. There are a few childcare options available to families including nurseries, childminders and nannies, but for some reason, nannies are not included in the funded childcare scheme. Can we at least try to make it make sense?

  3. In the way that all films are videos, but not all videos are films...all nannies are childminders, early years practitioners, babysitters and oftentimes a third parent but...👏 IT 👏 DOESN'T 👏 GO👏 BOTH👏 WAYS. Let's normalise nannies being respected for their skills, experience, adaptability, incomparable domestic support and discretion. Yes, we love what we do, but as it is a profession and NOT a hobby, accordingly

  4. Not all childcare is made the same and certainly shouldn't cost the same. If your 3 mornings and 2 full days a week babysitter wants to increase their salary in line with inflation and request holiday time off, it's because they're not your babysitter...and you probably owe some national insurance contributions 👀

Final thoughts and takeaways

Conscious lack of nanny advocation subtlety aside (#NanniesAreProfessionals), we know that quality childcare isn't just about how much salary is paid, or which options families ultimately choose, it's about delivering the passionate and safe care that children deserve.

Tell us what you think about the state of the childcare industry - does it matter who cares for children?

At Pro Nannies, we are uncompromising in our commitment to simple, high-quality childcare solutions and work hard to provide our Pro Nannies and Pro Families with exceptional customer service, guidance and support.

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