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Our story

Individually, our founders have spent over a decade honing skills, forming close bonds with families, and embracing diverse journeys. Our adventures in childcare span borders, enriching our understanding of people and life's nuances.

As nannies, we've shared heartwarming stories of growth, laughter, and milestones. Yet, our story isn't without challenges. We have personally faced and heard about the struggles that can mar this journey. Deeply connected to the lives of families and other nannies, our collective experiences fuel our determination to elevate the childcare experience.

Pro Nannies was born from our wisdom, dedication and commitment to redefining quality in the childcare industry, where exceptional nannies are meaningfully set apart and respected. Positioned uniquely, we go beyond the ordinary to protect, prioritise and promote excellence in care.


Join the Pro Nannies movement, where experience meets empathy, professionalism meets passion, and every chapter is a testament to enduring bonds.

Welcome to Pro Nannies - we make childcare simple.

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