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Pro Family

Pro Family

At Pro Nannies, we go above and beyond the conventional. We're your partners, advisors, and allies, committed to simplifying your childcare journey, prioritising your family's unique needs and building connections that last a lifetime.

Check out our Pro Family matchmaking journey here and talk to us today to discuss your needs. Click to see our pricing and services.

Why you should choose us

1:1 Consultation with Experts: Our matchmakers are seasoned professionals, each with over a decade of hands-on childcare experience. We provide a personalised matchmaking service, leveraging our extensive knowledge to ensure your nanny possesses the skills, values, and personality traits that seamlessly align with your unique family dynamics.

Versatile Care Solutions: Whether you're seeking a full-time nanny, temporary assistance, support for travel, or arrangements for special events, Pro Nannies provides a comprehensive array of services. We cater to the diverse needs of modern families by offering a range of flexible and tailored childcare solutions.

Streamlined Process: Our user-friendly system is efficient, effective, and effortless, making the discovery of your perfect nanny straightforward and stress-free. Pro Nannies guarantees that your journey to exceptional childcare is smooth and simple

How it works

Registration: Get started by completing our registration form. Your family's key details empower us to customise our services and prepare for your 1:1 consultation with one of our expert matchmakers.

Connect with us: After reviewing your registration, join us for a chat! It's an opportunity for us to better understand your family. Be open about your preferences and specific requirements; ask questions, get to know us, and let's ensure your childcare expectations are crystal clear.

Personalised Matching: Our experts use a meticulous process to match your family with a professional nanny whose skills, experience, and values align perfectly with your requirements. 

Continuous Support: Whether you're a first-time or seasoned nanny employer, count on us for expert guidance on payroll, contracts, and nurturing the relationship with your nanny before, during and after a match. At Pro Nannies, we're more than transactional; we're your committed partners, providing holistic support for your family's lifelong well-being.

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